Theme Of Freedom Of Choice In The Giver

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The freedom of choice is the basic function of American society as a whole. Although, in America, there are still restrictions on this freedom, for example, anyone can drive a car, but only up to a certain speed on different streets. The Giver’s society is a very extreme example of the restrictions of freedoms. Only very few activities that each individual does can be actually chosen, and only a very small group of elders get to make important decisions on the society’s behalf. Everyone in the society has to take drugs to suppress their desires and follow the elder’s rules. Without choice, everyone is safer and protected from making wrong choices. While it may initially seem that the lack of freedom creates a utopia for the citizens, however, as the underlying basis of the community is revealed, the sacrifice of freedom of choice results in a complete loss of individuality, which leads to a much darker outcome than most would expect. …show more content…

Jonas sees that the choices the elders make benefit the society, and nothing wrong happens in the community. This even extends to personal relationships and marriages, as the Matching of Spouses is a process that can take years to consider. While Jonas is talking to his best friend Asher about fitting into the community, he thinks about the choices that the elders make. He thinks that “How could someone not fit in? The community was so meticulously ordered, the choices so carefully made” (Lowry 61). Jonas hasn’t begun to consider the freedom of choice within the community, and accepts the benefits of the choices made for

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