Theme Of Freedom Of The Innocence In The Bell Jar

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Freedom of the Innocence
“I felt surprisingly at peace. The bell jar hung, suspended, a few feet above my head. I was open to the circulating air.” Esther Greenwood is a character that goes through her journey of mental illness. At this point in time Esther was still in the psychiatric hospital, and she had just woken up with her doctor, Dr. Nolan by her side. Dr. Nolan then led Esther outside to get some air. The theme of innocence in Esther’s life is what keeps her pure and when she is no longer innocent it leads her to be open to new things that she hasn’t previously seen. From the beginning of The Bell Jar, Esther uses a positive and inviting tone, to welcome us into her world. Throughout this specific passage, the author uses foreshadowing that relates to the last passage of the book. Esther’s peacefulness was new to her and invited her into a new world. Esther was surprised when she was at peace and that she finally felt like she was free. Freedom to Esther did not mean she was finally able to do something, to her it meant her mind was now free to have thoughts that could be expressed and known by others. Esther had previously been stuck in her innocence, but now has been awakened by the world around her, outside of the psychiatric hospital she has been stuck in. The way the author formatted her syntax throughout this quote helps readers understand the underlying meaning of it. As peacefulness is used in the book and in this context , is a key component of the text,
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