Theme Of Friendship In Of Mice And Men

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Friendship is one of the cornerstones of civilization; it has been since the beginning of humankind. People throughout history rely on one another for survival, compassion, and a sense of belonging to something even greater in life. Friends bring out the best in one another, or in other cases, the worst. They open up the doors into each other’s innermost being. They guard the other’s deepest secrets and fears. This intimacy between friends leaves them more vulnerable; it creates a relationship that leaves them susceptible to hurt or anguish. These characteristics of friendship are prominent in John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men. Through the two main characters, George and Lennie, in the novel, Steinbeck shows just how deeply these characteristics of friendship affect people. George and Lennie’s interactions with one another show how their friendship has left them vulnerable to one another, yet how it also adds significance, both good and bad, to the other’s existence. Vulnerability created by friendship is a theme especially present and noticeable to the reader at the end of the novel Of Mice and Men. At the end of the novel, George Milton kills his close companion Lennie Small after a manhunt ensues to find Lennie after he kills the wife of an arrogant, no-good cowboy. George believes that it is best for him to kill Lennie to prevent him from hurting anyone else. The vulnerability that George’s friendship with Lennie has created inside him is evident as he
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