Theme Of Friendship In The Intouchables

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Have you ever had a really outstanding friend? Well, in the movie The Intouchables the main characters Driss and Philippe are the best of friends. They are the almost perfect example of what friends should be like. In this movie a major theme is friendship, and this is shown through how Driss and Philippe can say anything they want without the other being mad, are willing to do almost anything for the other, and how they are always looking out for one another. Being a great friend involves many things. One of these aspects is that friends can say almost anything to each other, and they know that the other will know that they are kidding and they will not get mad. Driss and Philippe are great about this. They will time and time again say things that might be offensive to some, but they are so good of friends that they do not even care. This is shown when Driss says, “Where do you find a paraplegic? Where you left them.” Most disabled people would be very much offended at what Driss just said. But not Philippe, he knew that Driss had no malicious intent with what he said, so he simply brushed it off as if it were nothing. Friends can also talk about really strange and personal things. Like when Driss said, “So if you have red ears, it means you're turned on?” Philippe then replied, “That's it. Sometimes I even wake up with hard lobes.” There is nobody on this green earth that could say that this could be a normal conversation between mere acquaintances. No, only really good
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