Theme Of Government Control In V For Vendetta

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In Both James McTeigue film ‘V for Vendetta’ and Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘2BR02B’ short story, In both texts authors presents a Fraudulent government which has control over its society. In ‘2BR02B’ the government runs the Federal Bureau of Termination gas chambers where the suicides occur. V For Vendetta tells a story about a revolutionary character who battles to ruin, and in the long run overthrow the apparently rightist government that tenets England. James McTeigue and Kurt Vonnegut use characterisation, symbolism and setting to show government control over society. Characterisation In the film ‘V for vendetta’, author James McTeigue has displayed how the government has enforced people to believe that freedom equals chaos, which is what the main character ‘V’ wants to expose to the nation. There is one important scene which discusses ‘freedom’ it is during ‘V’s speech to the nation, which he exposes the lies created by the government and urging people to fight against. V for Vendetta demonstrates rebellion against injustice through the main character "V." He was a casualty of illicit genetic testing by the government with an end goal to assist their insight about the human body's capacity to survive epidemics. V was the only one left standing and was able escape from the torture. His hatreds then turned into vengeance. He declared to bring justice to the nation and overthrow the injustice of the government. Kurt Vonnegut’s also maneuvers the story to show the main character Edward wehling as the victim to the government regime. Wehling lives in a cutting edge United States where age and illnesses were vanquished and there were no detainment facilities, slums, challenged people, poverty, or wars. The population was at a controlled 40 million yearly. Edward wehling attributes of being overruled come to show when he was holding up in the hospital, arranged to give his granddad to the Federal Bureau of Termination keeping in mind the end goal was to give one of his three kids a chance to live. While waiting, he converses with a painter who is painting a commemoration for a volunteer whom had died, calling it "The Happy Garden of Life". “A hospital orderly came down the corridor, singing under his breath before
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