Theme Of Greed In Button Button

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“Greed is so destructive, it destroys everything.” (Eartha Kitt). Greed can often change the perception of reality of what is moral and immoral and this is shown in the short story Button, Button by Richard Matheson. In the story, a couple is given a button with some horrifying conditions. The protagonist, Norma, was overtaken by a feeling of greed because there was money involved, but what she didn’t know was that this would lead to a horrible consequence. Greed being the dominant theme in this story shows how it varies the perspective of an individual’s mind and what is righteous, brings out the legitimacy in people, and portrays their importance towards what they truly value.
Greed can alter the perception of reality and what is morally right and wrong. This occurs when Norma is so tempted by the materialistic things offered to make her happy, that she changes her view of what is right and wrong in the world. Her dreams of having a “cottage on the island” and desires to “have a nicer apartment and nicer furniture” blind her sights in terms of the right thing to do (Matheson 7). This quotation demonstrates how greed can alter the perception of reality and what is right and wrong because Norma begins to reason with herself and find a way to make pushing the button an acceptable idea. Despite Arthur’s strong animosity towards the whole idea, Norma convinces herself that it is morally just to push the button and dreams of the happiness it will bring. This goes to show how
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