Theme Of Happiness In Brave New World

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Community, Identity, stability, the world state motto. A motto that keeps them together at the same time as it keeps them imprisoned. In Brave new world written by Aldous Huxley many themes and ideas are brought but one that caught my attention is idea of happiness. What really defines it for us? While happiness is brought up many times in brave new world it is not real happiness.

When he first appears in the book he is introduced as weird and physically inferior. As the book progresses it is evident that he is an important character that not only criticizes the world state but is also not very happy with his own life. I am of course talking about Bernard Marx. Over and over again he states his dissatisfaction with the world state despite the fact that he lives in a perfect
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How are they supposed to know what true happiness is when they have never been presented with any other option.

” ’ I suppose Epsilons don’t really mind being Epsilons’ she said aloud.
’Of course they don’t. How can they? They don’t know what it’s like being anything else. We’d mind , of course . But then we’ve been differently conditioned . Besides we start with a different heredity’ ”
This passage does not really prove my thesis but they mention something very important. Epsilons do not mind being themselves because they do not know what is like being anything else. This perfectly illustrates my point. The people in brave new world, the ones that Bernard is not happy with do not what it is like to be happy in your own kind of way. Not the usual ‘your happiness is everybody else's happiness.’. To them being controlled with the drug soma and living exactly like everyone else is normal, it is just like todays Korea. They only have one way of thinking, one set of rules to follow, one leader. They do not that their is a whole world of possibilities out
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