Theme Of Human Nature In Brave New World

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After observing the novel Brave New World along with an article titled, “Catholic Church Corrupt To Its Core, Says Survivor” one can conjure the idea that human nature will always persevere. Since the birth of mankind this concept has been instilled in the minds of people. It is the nature of humanity to feel uncontrollable emotions and feelings that promote certain actions. This ranges from undergoing a state of overwhelming rage to possessing a heightened amount of fear to becoming engulfed in jealousy. These are undeniable traits of humans as seen in Brave New World because of the key figures in the novel that despite Hypnopædia and childhood conditioning, enact elements of innate emotions. When viewing Bernard Marx, one sees that he is different from the other Alphas and quite frankly, the rest of the population. He continuously experiences jealousy of Henry Foster’s intimacy with Lenina and sadness that his physical shape is deformed. From birth, children become conditioned to be happy and not to experience these emotions since it could potentially cause social instability. No matter the amount of soma Bernard consumes, he always finds a way to come back to these strong desires of love and depression. The reader can also observe Helmholtz Watson’s ambition to write rhymes that have more significant and influential meaning. Watson was predestined to cease from thinking about creating literature that disrupts society as he expresses, “...I’ve got something important to
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