Theme Of Identity In Othello

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Othello’s Identity, Morals, and Acceptance

Othello is perceived as one whom is lost in the novel. Caryl Phillps retells the Shakespeare’s Othello. In Nature of Blood by revisiting Shakespeare’s Othello, Phillips focuses on discrimination, identity and desire of home through interwoven stories. The novel discusses Othello’s past and present situation upon his arrival in Venice. The theme of acceptance is prominent throughout the novel. Othello’s character deteriorates as he struggles with his identity and the notion of home.
Othello is a general in the service of Venice. He is examined in the Shakespeare play as courageous, noble qualities, trustworthy. It is obvious to feel a degree of sympathy for Othello because he is considered an “other”. He is a man that is willing to accept that he is racially different, as he seems to recognize his status. I tend to sympathize with Othello because he easily influenced, insecure, and a benevolent heart for Desdemona. Othello relies heavily upon engaging with the Venetian culture and his identity as the military general. The two stories draw parallel to each other because Othello’s identity is not
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The article uses three major concepts to explain Othello’s struggle. The author discusses “Black European Success” as a reference to the book European tribe. He explains that Othello tragedy began when he started to forget he was black. The author describes Othello as “white mask tucking black skin away in shame” (Calbi 5). Othello is oppressed from the outsider and desires to be accepted into the Venetian culture. The Ghost of Strangers are traumatic and messy memories that cannot assimilate entirely. “Ghost of strangers” always arrive at a different time throughout the novel. The notion of “home” resides in the imaginative gap between desire. Home is a place where one’s feels welcome. It is equivalent to the marginalization of a host of
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