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The way in which an exile attempts to figure out and achieve familiarity a new country is the way that cultural encounter is treated in Ana Menendez' short story "in Cuba I was a German shepherd. The main character, as we will show below in the following paragraphs, employs his previous knowledge and applies it to the new, unknown country he arrives at for the purposes of finding a place for himself. Reading the story shows clearly that the author was aware of the theme of cultural encounters as we will illustrate below. The jokes are employed successfully by the author in her treatment of the topic of cultural encounters. The jokes are directed mainly at Anglo-American superiority and arrogance and in some cases also pokes fun at Cuban “and…show more content…
The feelings are mostly related to displacement in a new world (Miami) , which is different from their homeland (Cuba). In “In Cuba,” the characters of four elderly men, two Cuban and two Dominican (the last two clearly have the same suffering resulting from being exiles), meet in a Miami park to play dominoes. As the Cuban Máximo tells his jokes and chafes at the stares of tourists, the narrative of the Cuban suffering and displacement is revealed, resulting in emotions of anger and longing. The author portraits the weight of these forced exiles’ frustrations and unrealized dreams—the dreams of their social class, (the middle-class) and professional Cubans whose lives are filled with the fear that they may lose, indeed may have lost, the memory of what life was like back in Cuba (the theme of memory will be handled in more detail in the following…show more content…
The story highlights clearly what was (at homeland) and what is (in Miami), as if the characters are attempting to recover home through narrative. Therefore, maximo, the exile character, attempts to hold on to his memories remembers in order to familiarize himself with the new world. The character seeks to restore the old world of his Cuban homeland from nostalgic memory: the writer sought to illustrate the characters attempts at understanding their new place through familiarization happens through the use of metaphor and analogy. Because the characters are living in a new, unknown world, the exile uses analogy and metaphor to familiarize himself in order to figure out his new

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