Theme Of Individualism In Fahrenheit 451

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What would a society be like if there was no individualism? In the novel Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, a man named Guy Montag, a local fireman, talked about his feelings towards the society in which he lives. Montag lives in a society where there is very little individualism. He is unhappy with this because he feels something is missing. Then Montag meets Clarisse, his 17 year old neighbor, and she inspires him to stand out and be individual. Individualism is important in a society where conforming is normal because it makes people stand out and that can shock people into being different as well. In a society where conforming is normal, individualism is a necessity to be oneself. The first example of being oneself is of Clarisse. Montag and Clarisse are walking in the moonlight on their way home when Clarisse says, “Isn’t this a nice time of night to walk? I like to smell things and look at things, and sometimes stay up all…show more content…
The trait of conforming is common in this novel. It is simply normal for the people in the novel to conform. In one section of the novel Captain Beatty talks to Montag about the society and its rules. Beatty tell Montag, “We must all be alike” (Bradbury 58). Beatty is one of the many people to conform to society. Since he conforms he wants other to conform too. When Beatty tells Montag that everyone must be alike he continues to exhibit the trait of conformity. A second example of conformity happens late in the novel. As Montag is escaping a bulletin is broadcasted telling everyone to open their doors and look outside for the fugitive. Montag thought, “He felt the city turn to its thousands of doors” (Bradbury 138). The people in this society are so used to conforming. They don’t think twice when they are told to do something. When the city was told to open its doors and look outside, Montag felt as if the city simultaneously turned to its

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