Theme Of Indoctrination In Brave New World

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Indoctrination to Mould Brave New World’s Society

“Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” (Reagan) Many factors can construct a conditioned society, by applying social norms and ideologies. These factors influence the use of indoctrination and dehumanization in society, which is an important theme throughout the novel. Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, is a great example of indoctrination; it demonstrates the effects of conditioning in the process of dehumanization and the influence of a higher power on society. This becomes apparent through essential factors, such as conditioning, sleep teaching/hypnopaedia and the use of soma throughout the novel.
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Bold Alpha-plus characters are portrayed as being confined to a mould that cannot contain them. They are willing to sacrifice their reputation, to experience freedom and take a chance at liberty. Bernard is an Alpha-plus character in the novel, he is usually anguished about his life. His date Lenina does not seem to understand or reciprocate his emotions. Bernard, unlike most of the civilization of Brave New World, has emotions, he wants privacy and monogamy, and has the ability to understand beyond the knowledge of everyone else. This is uncommon to act this way in Brave New World. He should want to partake in multiple sexual affairs and taking generous amounts of soma. Bernard’s conditioning did not work effectively on him, consequently, he feels trapped in an indoctrinated world. This notion becomes clear when Bernard says: “In-slaved by my own conditioning” (80). Through his emotions, it is clearly implied that he feels deprived of certain human qualities. This tactic is the higher power manipulating society, by feeding the children phrases and notions to create the ideal image of society. Furthermore, in the novel, death conditioning is perceived as a normality. When John is in the Parklane Hospital for the dying, watching Linda take her last breaths, he sees children swarming around the bed, acting nonchalant. This topic becomes apparent in the novel when a group of children is brought to the

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