Theme Of Injustice In The Grapes Of Wrath

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An individual confronting injustice is caused from the government’s devious and forceful laws. In The Grapes of Wrath, Ma, Pa, Tom Joad, and the rest of the family are fighting for their freedom of taking back their land but would present their way in confronting injustice. The conflicts occurring in the novel is due to their loss of home and going to California, hoping for success to find happiness and struggle free. At the same time it isn’t their fault because as a role, they look up to the leader, not knowing what trouble they have to deal with. Steinbeck had a purpose for this novel in order to portray the readers and to give an example based on society’s actions toward each other. Today in some countries, this is still happening. Many people suffer from little pay or no pay at all while being threatened at the same time. As they say, “History repeats itself.” Fighting for land is a massive struggle in Tom Joad’s case and like most people, he wants to do something about it. After traveling a long way of his release from prison, he finally reaches home. He and his mother talk about doing something due to the bank's possession of their land. “Tommy, don’t you go fightin’ ‘em alone. They’ll hunt you down like a coyote.” As his mother studies his eyes in chapter 8, Tommy speaks up about their house and his mother warns him. She believes if they all fight at once, they will basically be weak to fight back. As Tom Joad, an individual fights his way in getting their land back,
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