Theme Of Isolation In The Invisible Man

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Before he was known as The Invisible Man his name was Griffin. He Once was a human but then he discovered a formula that makes him invisible. He is a mad-scientist that over the years has been doing a lot of experiments such as, travelling through time and converting animals into humans. He doesn’t belong with people in the community, he doesn’t have family or friends and he lives in a world where people do not care about him at all and all he does is keeps himself isolated. Now he has to see if being invisible makes him powerful or becomes his worst nightmare. The Invisible Man develops insecurities because he isolates himself from society. He uses his wealth as well as his new identity to become isolated. From this isolation he feels…show more content…
The invisible man never decided to change his ways because he’s been doing perfectly fine on his own. As he continues to thrive on his own he shall not let anyone come in his way or else he’ll put them in their place. Secondly, because The Invisible Man is very wealthy he isolates himself from the society. The Invisible Man needed a place to stay but since he knew no one in the community because he is so used to being alone, self-centered and none caring about anyone, he can’t call a friend or any sort of family member to come and help him in the current state of crisis he’s in. He had to use a lot of money to stay at the Inn, “ That and a couple of sovereigns flung upon the table, he took up his quarters in the inn” (H.G Wells, Chapter 1, Page.1) This what happens when you try to isolate yourself from everyone . When you start to struggle and you’re in need of serious help, you need to use a lot of money to get out of certain situations. “If the straw makes trouble put it down in the bill." (H.G Wells, Chapter 3 Page. 23) As long as the invisible man makes any sort of mistakes such as when he made a spill on the floor, he pays the owner Mr. Hall because he knows he is not liked very much around the community. So any sort of trouble he creates even if he created the smallest mistake people will attack him no matter what. Since he is not well known around the community and he stays away from everyone
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