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Craig Silvey‘s 2009 novel ‘Jasper Jones’ is established in the fictional town of Corrigan, Australia during the Vietnam War in 1965. The story follows the journey of a 13-year-old boy named Charles, or Charlie, Bucktin as he encounters various challenges and obstacles. His struggle initiates as soon as he encounters Jasper Jones, the mixed-race outcast of the small mining town, knocking on Charlie’s window in the midst of his sleep in request for his help to uncover the mystery murder of his secret supposed girlfriend, Laura Wishart. Following this discovery, Charlie endeavours to survive his town as it gradually closes in on itself in fear and suspicion. As he clashes with his mother, falls nervously in love and desperately holds back on…show more content…
The plot of the novel revolves around the mystery of a murder in a town of racism and injustice. This plot can be drawn back and related to the setting of the story; Australia’s 1960s which overflowed with racial injustice and favour of white Australians. Silvey was able to unveil the narrow mindedness, racial inequality and injustice of Australia’s society in the past, leading to the malicious treatment of countless ethnic groups, including Australian Aborigines, through his plot. Jasper Jones, Silvey’s mixed race teen character, and Jeffrey Lu, Silvey’s Vietnamese teen character, are both victim to racial discrimination throughout the story, leading to their constant struggles whilst living their lives in an Australian town that only appreciates and favours White Australians. The involvement of racial prejudice, discrimination and murder in the plot of the novel play a significant role in showcasing the Australian history and its uniqueness. It also serves to advance the plot as well as its character’s nature and attitudes. The plot, overall, projects fundamental moral questions of the teenage boys, representing the experience of being raised either intelligent, poor, Asian or indigenous in rural…show more content…
By interlacing these techniques, Silvey effectively engages readers, appeals to their emotions and manipulates their beliefs and values to make them think deeply on issues covered in the novel and agree with his opinions on said issues. Another strength is the characterisation of people and their relationships and reactions to the changing world around them. Whether they survive, change or sink, is what captures my attention and maintains

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