Theme Of Jealousy In Othello

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Jealousy is a theme seen throughout the Shakespeare tragedy. As you read you can see that jealousy is within most of the main characters such as Iago and of course Othello himself. Jealousy is a feeling that every person in their lifetime has or will experience. Jealousy is a mixture of feelings and emotions, like suspicion, depression and anxiety. Which if the feelings become too much can destroy lives and relationships as we see in the Shakespeare classic Othello. In Othello we can see examples of jealousy within Othello himself, in act 4 scene one Othello showed the anxiety and anger that equals to jealousy when Iago told him about the missing handkerchief. Jealousy is also a sign of low- self esteem, it makes us self criticize are self even more ( Now let’s set the record straight envy and jealousy are not quite the same type of feeling. Envy is merely resentment of someone or something because simply one does not have that thing or object. While jealousy is more the(GoodTherapy)-” fear of losing someone or something you value”. Iago would be a perfect example of envy, he was very envious of Cassio because he was chosen for the lieutenant position. Iago shows that he only valued about advancing in the ranks instead of worrying about loosing his and Othello’s friendship due to Cassio’s promotion. This goes to say is being jealous a bad thing ? is it something one can control ?........... Having the feeling of
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