Theme Of Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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American author Warren Bennis, who is said to have pioneered the field of leadership studies, famously said, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” (BrainyQuote), exploring what it means to be a leader. He states that the most important quality of leading is the ability to get things done. Golding investigates what makes a good leader in his novel Lord of the Flies, in which two boys of vastly different leadership styles (named Ralph and Jack) fight for the leadership of many young boys marooned together on a desert island with no adults. Ralph represents the traditional leader--benevolent, caring about his subjects, but can’t get anything done. Jack is more of the traditional politician--great at manipulating people, caring more about power than his people, but gets things done. In Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Jack is the best leader for the boys due to his ability to fulfill his promises and his experience as a leader. Golding uses this to show that the best leaders aren’t always the most concerned with ethics and morals. As outlined by Bennis, the ability to get things done is the most important quality of a leader. Jack controls the boys through use of many common political devices and by giving the boys what they want. When Jack first is able to get a pig (his primary promise in the early parts of the book when Ralph is leading), he forms a feast and is able to go from being attacked by Ralph for not keeping the fire going (one of his failed
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