Theme Of Loneliness In Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice, Men and Loneliness John Steinbeck is the author of the story Of Mice and Men. He grew up in the Salinas River Valley in California, where Of Mice and Men takes place. Steinbeck grew up in 1929 when the Great Depression was going on. Of Mice and Men also takes place during the Great Depression. There were many migrant workers during the Great Depression. Migrant farm workers are men who move around the country working and earning wages and then moving to the next farm. These migrant workers do not have a home base of operations, they have little to call their own. Moving around a lot, migrant workers do not have time to make lasting friendships. In his novella, Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck uses George, Candy, and Crooks to…show more content…
They plan to have a windmill and a little house to share. Lennie wants to get rabbits so he can pet them and feed them alfalfa. This plan to stay with Lennie, and live on a farm dies when George puts Lennie out of his misery by shooting him in the head, after he killed Curley's Wife. To continue, Steinbeck uses Candy to contribute to the theme of escaping loneliness. Candy is a janitor on the farm that George, Lennie, and the other characters work on. He only has one hand, and is an old man. Candy had a dog that was old like him, they grew old together and kept each other company during their lonely work days. While all of the migrant farm workers go out to cultivate and take care of the land, Candy stays back and cleans up. Since none of the others are around he only had his old dog to keep him company. He is lonely because his dog ends up getting put out of its misery by one of the farm boys, Carleson. “Come on boy. The old dog got slowly and stiffly to his feet and followed the gently pulling leash. … A shot sounded in the distance.” (Steinbeck 47-49). Carleson shot Candy’s dog because he was useless, this shows how Candy was also becoming old and useless like his old and useless dog, which Carleson shot. Now Candy has no one to keep him company during his long, lonely work day. He overhears George and Lennie’s plan to buy a farm, have all of the animals they want, and to live off the land with no one telling them what
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