Theme Of Love In Antigone

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In Antigone there are many examples of love and war throughout the play. The chorus plays a big role in explaining how love and war both take place. Love and war can not only be seen by the plot of the story, but can also be observed within many of the characters. Love is shown for the dead and other family members, war is shown by suicide, and people standing up for themselves and what they believe in. The are many examples of the characters showing the love that they have for one another, but the struggle that they have with war within themselves is also shown. Throughout the play love and war are shown in the way that Antigone, Haimon, and Creon show their feelings about many different things and each other. The love and war…show more content…
In the beginning Haimon shows a lot of respect towards his father and his kingly powers and decisions. Haimon's love is shown for Creon in the play when he says “I am your son, Father. You are my guide. You make things clear for me, and I obey you” (716). Haimon's hate towards his father is later shown whenever he suggests that his father not punish Antigone and tells him that all of Thebes is in Antigone's favor. Haimon also later believes that Creon should listen to the people and make decisions based on the general public. Haimon's also shows hate and war against his father when he stands up to him and tells him that what he is doing id not right and that he is going against the God’s. Haimon's hate towards his father Creon are shown when he says “It's is not City if it takes orders from one voice…You have no right to trample on God’s right” (719). Haimon shows a lot of love and war towards his father Creon throughout the play based on his decisions he makes as king. Lastly, the love and war relationship was shown in the character Creon many times during the play. Hate and war is the characteristic most shown by Cron in the play Antigone because he has a strong sense of hate towards Antigone for disobeying him and his orders. Also, Creon shows hate towards and traitor or anyone who did him or his family wrong, which was why he set the law that no one could bury polyneices because he betrayed his country and his
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