Theme Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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What catches the human emotional eye can reveal what the inner-self desires, such as feelings of love, lust, and passion. Shakespeare's tragedy of youth, Romeo & Juliet, sheds light on the issue that jejune love without congenial supervision, results in consequences of great devastation. This is observed by the true, genuine cases of love observed in the play, what Romeo and Juliet think of their love, and how their acts of trying to balance and change what is not possible results in their deaths and truly reveals why they are not a true love.

For frame of reference, the definition of love is putting someone’s happiness1 and needs2 before one’s self. Romeo and Juliet do not execute this love due to the comparison observed in the frame of
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While Romeo and Juliet think that they are in love, it is instead apparent that they have a desiring lust, grown out of youth, which adds an aspect of curiosity and disapproved yet uncontrollable desire; as they create this allusion to excuse their own facenations with a world that is not part of their own. Namely, Romeo and Juliet’s superficial love as a whole, is for benefit of themselves. For example, Romeo’s approach to Juliet is of encouragement by his kin to “be tough with love”, and to “beat love down” (I.iv.25-26) originating from the motive of a previous unreachable desire that constructed him as a “sick man of sadness” (I.i.196) when in actuality, it represents a parallel in fictitiousness of that with Juliet. In account of her, upon receiving the undesirable news that her parents want to marry her with Paris, she is reluctantly trying to “look to like” the idea (I.iii.99). In addition, Romeo immediately refers to Juliet by her looks; referring to her beauty as “too rich to use” (I.V.45), calling her body a “holy shrine” (I.v.92), and making his first advancement on her in only a physical manner by “touching hers, make blesséd my rude hand” (I.V.49). However, Juliet accepts this kind of affection; for she is only very young, and appreciates it for what emotion it brings her, rather than realize that it is only being performed for the pleasure of Romeo. She exhibits this when she responds to Romeo’s approach by continuing with his method of

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