Theme Of Love In The Lake Of The Woods

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In the novel In The Lake Of The Woods, Tim O’Brien accentuates a mystery about the nature of love. Love is a general term, therefore, it is a mystery itself. Love captures the secrecy and frustration in John and Kathy Wade, a married couple that met in college. They are both depressed, yet continue to imagine themselves in situations where they would be happy together. One night, Kathy takes out the boat and goes missing on the Lake on the Woods. John, as well as other residents of Minnesota, spend days looking for her. The hypothesis, narrator, and evidence accounts form their own ideas about what happened to her, such as Patricia S. Hood saying that Kathy “tried...Way too hard,” and Richard Thinbill saying that “it probably haunted John too, except he tried to do something about it.” (O’Brien, 258) Questions cannot be answered because, like love, Kathy’s mystery cannot be solved. O’Brien conveys this throughout the book as well as proving there are different beliefs when it comes to the nature of love, therefore, there is not just one answer to the mystery.
There is definitely an audience for the novel, but it is general like the term “love” because people of all ages are exposed to love. There is not a specific age group audience because most things applied with this novel focus on the big picture rather than particular points. O’Brien is expecting his audience to think of John and Kathy’s love story in their own way. His purpose is to derive a twisted love story, which
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