Theme Of Loyalty In The Odyssey

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There were monsters roaming land and sea created by gods that waited for something or someone. The man’s name was Odysseus Laertes who was the main character in the book “The Odyssey” written by Homer. In Greece, he was known for the man who planned on giving the Trojans a wooden horse but later on ambushed the city at its vulnerable state and won. On the way home, he got lost at sea on an island for many years by the gods. His new adventure awaits him trying to get home. Thus, this book alone has multiple themes to chose from, loyalty is important towards family and friends. Odysseus and his shipmates were lost at sea but then finally found an island. They all decided to split to check the island to see if it’s safe to rest there for the night. Later did Odysseus know that they have landed on the witch goddess named Kirke’s island. She drugged his soldiers and were turned into pigs. She eagerly wanted to trick Odysseus to, but he knew better than to fall for a goddess like her. He ordered her to turn his soldiers back the way they were so they could all get home. Kirke then gave up and did exactly what he wanted then freed them. “A decent man would see his company before him first. Put the heart in me to eat and drink-you may, by freeing my companions. I must see them,”(Homer pg. 177). Odysseus didn’t fall for Kirke’s trick like his men so they could stay forever. He shows loyalty to his shipmates and wouldn’t leave them behind so they could come home to Ithaka.

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