Theme Of Manipulation In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Southern Gothic is classic genre, with themes like coming of age and outcasts. In To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee, it consists of the large variety of themes, such as the power of manipulation. Since manipulation is a powerful topic, many authors include manipulation in their stories, as victims of manipulation are prejudged. Common characters in this book utilized by society are Boo Radley and Adolphus Raymond. Tom Robinson is a colored man; therefore, he is different around whites. Boo, Adolphus, and Tom are victims of prejudice for not following stereotypical roles in a hypocritical town. Judged by something that is odd to the town, as disappearance, marriage, and color. With that, it becomes obvious that the town is a…show more content…
In Maycomb, a colored folk and a white person having a relationship is something odd. Since, alcohol is responsible for weird behavior; it was a reason why Adolphus Raymond married a colored woman. A rumor relevant why Raymond married a colored folk; “They said it was because she found out about his colored woman, he reckoned he could keep her and get married too. He’s been sorta drunk ever since” (Lee 215). This quote, therefore show the town’s manipulation on Raymond because of his marriage. Adolphus is “drinker”, during the court case, when Jem went outside, because he was crying, Raymond greeted him. Adolphus was a kind soul and offered Jem a drink. When Jem took a sip, he realizes it was cola, and that Adolphus is another victim, exploited by the town. After the rape trail held in Maycomb County, the readers realized that Tom is a person blamed for wrongdoing because of his skin color. Additionally, Maycomb is a racist, Southern town, with the archetype that whites are more superior to blacks. The trail consists of Mayella Ewell, Bob Ewell, and Tom Robison; with the case, that Tom took advantage of Mayella. After the court, Tom was innocent, but his color lead him to his death, with wounds from 17 bullet shots. The quote, “They-they ‘preciate what you did, Mr. Finch” (Lee 286). The colored community appreciates the effort that Atticus tried to defend Tom Robison. Tom is colored folk, so even though he was innocent; the racial status is different from a

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