Theme Of Martin Luther King And Obama's Speech

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The Progressive Theme of Martin Luther King’s and Obama’s Speeches President Obama’s victory speech and Martine Luther King’s speech are two of the most famous discourses that everybody is discussing today, which they delivered 50 years apart. Both are representation of racial progression, which starts from the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement to the election of the first black president in the American history. Both speeches are a symbol of hope and a new start of the upcoming changes. In matter of fact, both speeches called for unity and inclusion to achieve the American dream. Furthermore, both occasions had loud voices echo not only in the United State, but also in the global level. In spite of the similarities in…show more content…
Doctor Martine Luther King delivered his speech during the March on Washing on August 28, 1963 during the Civil Rights Movement era. The speech was given publicly to a huge number of audiences of both live and broadcasted via televisions. In the beginning of his speech he illustrated a similarity to the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed millions of slaves in 1863(Echols). In matter of fact, the discourse was to persuade the American people, especially the government at the time, and to request a racial equality towards the abused African Americans. Moreover, he instructed the people to stand up together for their rights under the constitution and demonstrate in a nonviolent way. In addition, his speech discusses the void between the American dream and reality, also the hypocrisy of the federal government in the sixties. In matter of fact, both Obama and King are legendary leaders in American history, especially in the African American heritage. For instance, Obama’s legacy lead to shine the credibility and ability in his speech. Obama was demonstrating his goodwill for the nation by featuring the issues and clarifying in detail how he intends to resolve them. Obama's insight is something that was not challenged, which was considered one of the reason that elected him as the president of the United States, most gathering of people knew about his degree from Harvard and past work in the Senate. Nonetheless, Obama additionally
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