Theme Of Marxism In The Kite Runner

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Reading a text through a Marxist lens can expose one to another layer of depth not initially seen by the average reader. Marxism is a methodology used to analyze class conflicts, especially in capitalism. In Marxist thought, the upper class, the bourgeoisie, is oppressing and using the working class, the proletariat, for their own profit. This strife between the classes will eventually lead to a revolution, bringing a socialist or communist economy. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner, the main character, Amir, struggles with the issue of class, specifically when dealing with the son of his father’s servant, Hassan. Throughout the novel Marxist ideology can be applied but it’s especially relevant in Amir’s perception of Hassan and their…show more content…
This is shown when Amir describes Hassan or other “normal people” in his life. Despite their ethnic differences, Amir and Hassan “fed from the same breasts”, took their “first steps on the same lawn”, and it’s learned later in the novel that they are half brothers (11). Countless hours of their childhood consisted of them playing pretend, flying kites, reading stories, and just talking with one another. This definitely falls in the parameters of friendship, but Amir “never thought of Hassan and [him] as friends” (25). In moments of chaos, Amir finds Hassan expendable in order to protect himself and his desires. When Hassan refused to give up a kite that Amir desperately wanted, Hassan was attacked and raped while Amir hid. Although Hassan was taking the beating for him, Amir thought that “he was just a Hazara” so there is no need to go out into harm’s way (77). This way of thinking can be traced back to the large majority of the people surrounding Amir viewed Hazaras as subhuman. Amir described a boy named Omar as “a pretty good guy” but refers to Hassan as “your hazara” and insults his “tight little eyes” (68). This perception of Omar being a good guy despite his degrading comments towards Hassan shows how much Pashtuns had influenced Amir. A Marxist, however, would say that Amir supported the dominant ideology thus keeping the bourgeoisie at the top.
Amir is a large source of hegemony established in the novel and it shows how unbalanced his

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