Theme Of Mass Hysteria In The Crucible

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¨The Crucible¨ was a mass hysteria. Throughout the play mass hysteria regarding witchcraft spreads throughout the town of Salem and resulting in numerous deaths of innocent people.The girls were lying about everything the whole time . In ¨The Crucible¨ neighbors suddenly turn on each other , they start to accuse the people they have known for years of witchcraft and devil worship .¨The Crucible¨ shows how mass hysteria can ruin a community . In act III the girls that were led by Abigail ,accuse Mary Warren of witchcraft to prevent her from testifying against them .Many people including Mary have said that the witch accusations are fake .¨The Crucible¨ is a historical play based on witchcraft in Salem. It takes place in a small town in 1692.The play begins in the Parris household .Reverend Samuel Parris lives there with his daughter Mary, His niece Abigail and his slave Tituba.Mary is suddenly sick ,So Parris calls for the help of reverend hale .He believes that the cause of her illness is a supernatural explanation. Bettys sickness started when Paris caught her, Abigail and a couple of other girls from the village dancing in the woods.Abigail admits that she was dancing but she said it had nothing to do with witchcraft.Paris does not believe Abigail,because when he seen the girls dancing, he heard them speaking things in a satanic tongue,Paris also thinks he seen a naked girl running through the woods while they were dancing.The putnams come and tell Reverend Paris that their daughter Ruth is ill as well.Ann Putnam admits that she sent ruth with Tituba the slave so ruth can speak to her dead siblings .When Abigail is alone with the girls she threatens them not to speak a word of what had happened in the woods.The Procter than enters, looking for Mary but the he is left alone with Abigail. In ¨The Crucible¨, hysteria starts after the young girls of the village of Salem, Massachusetts are caught dancing in the moonlight in an order that they believe will kill Proctor's wife, because Abigail has feelings for the proctor . After the girls are caught by mary's dad , Reverend Parris, they blame their actions and influence of the Devil, and that Tituba, Parris' slave who teaches the girls about spirits, was
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