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The ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka written in 1912, has been open to several interpretations from different genres of literary theory. This essay will focus on the theme “the isolation of an individual results in a spiritual death that dehumanizes the lonely person in combination with an analysis using cultural criticism to further develop the theme.
Firstly, the theme specifically focuses on how the isolation of an individual will lead to a “spiritual death” referring to the idea that Gregor, despite being a conscious living being was treated as if he was dead. As a result, it would lead to the dehumanization of the lonely person. This theme is developed largely through Gregor because following his transformation into a “monstrous vermin” he was immediately isolated from not only the outside world, but also his family. He is left in isolation in his room which acts as a barrier to keep Gregor locked in as well as the
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This is shown when he tries to open the door to attempt to talk to his boss despite all the physical discomforts he experiences while doing so. Despite suspecting the consequences of him revealing himself being disastrous, he can’t afford to disappoint his family; similar to how the Jews in Prague tried to assimilate into western culture and prove their loyalty, for instance by learning Czech and German as well as converting to Christianity. The ‘Metamorphosis’ illustrates the consequences of assimilation on Jewish identity and human self through Gregor’s continuing struggle to communicate, his loss of power, control, and civic identity, the betrayal of his father and through isolation. Similarly to the novel, the Jews living in Prague, experienced confinement to the Jewish quarters, strict regulations and loss of opportunity to be heard or understood by the majority western

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