Theme Of Miss Julie

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Miss Julie has two subordinates, a daughter of the Count and a servant who are subject to each other’s authority. Miss Julie and Jean differs in terms of class and in terms of morality. In terms of class, Miss Julie is superior compared Jean since Miss Julie is a daughter of the Count while Jean is only a servant of the count. But, it terms of Morality, we can say that Jean is superior compared to Miss Julie in that fact that Miss Julie had miserable experience in her love life. She was not able to achieve being a loving wife for her partner due to her inappropriate actions towards her partner. She beats her partner which forces her partner to leave her and resulted their separation.

The differences structure most of the play’s action. In the play, the characters who are superior and inferior does not change in their positions. The superior characters remained in their position and the inferior characters also remained in their position. Both the superior character and the inferior character follows the rule of the character that has the highest position which is the Count who is the father of Miss Julie who is considered as a
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One way in which this play could be related to the Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest is through the play's examination of class and how it looks at two characters who seem to be rather unhappy about where they are placed in the social ladder. The Darwinian concept of the survival of the fittest states that there will be some members of a species who, thanks to their genetic variations, will be more suited to prosper and survive better than others. Applying this to humans led to the theory of Social Darwinism, which allowed people to argue that those who prospered were just better adapted to suit their
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