Theme Of Modernism In Mrs Dalloway

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*Exploring the modernist elements in Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf Modernism is an era, which is against the previous Victorian, Romantic, and Realistic eras in 19th and 20th century. In that time, in order to understand reality, experience is more important than rational science. Modernism is a new door to 20th century artists’ to look at the world from different perspectives, because after the World War One, people became disillusioned by the previous eras and also we can say that this era is an age of Anxiety and Dilemma. In that period of time, we can see strong relationship ties between artists and representation of reality. Modernism was a kind of escape from the previous eras and this situation hit the headlines among this time’s artists. Mrs. Dalloway is a book that has nearly all features of modernism; such as stream of consciousness,…show more content…
This part of the story clearly shows us an image that represents a consolidated and stable-self , also we can see that she can produce social mask whenever she wants. Each of the other characters see only one of incompatible aspects and Mr Dalloway takes this to be her total personality. Hence, when the novel progress, the early stable-image in the mirror shifting and contradictory views of Mrs Dalloway, and her character enlarges to encompass all the dissimilar images while remaining encompassed by them. In Clarissa Dalloway’s party that she organized, Virginia Woolf reflects us her all of the thoughts, memories, sensations and also thoughts of other characters. There is no story that goes fluently, in other words there is no action in the plot. Most of the parts of the story is completely created from flashbacks. Here, ’Epiphany’ created by Virginia Woolf and it shows us her new writing style, which is new for previous eras’
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