Theme Of Nature In The Snows Of Hemingway

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Hemingway loved nature and his stories transmit this love. They also reflect his belief that a man is just an animal among animals. This trait is present in “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” and “Big Two-Hearted River” two of Hemingway’s stories. Both take place in a land where the civilized men have not destroyed its virginity and purity. But regardless of the purity of nature, death cannot be escaped. Death is a natural phenomenon and it accompanies all the living. In his stories, Hemingway’s joins life with death, clarity with darkness, and creation with destruction. In both stories the characters happen to be in a situation which uncovers their true nature, a nature which seeks mental and physical wild freedom. The characters are escaping from death, but death is their shadow.
In “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” Hemingway uses hyenas and birds to embody Harry’s soul. The story is
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The weight of death, which is escorted by his past. Nick is the only human between kingfishers, pine trees, trouts, birch trees, grasshoppers and minks. Although Nick is experiencing calmness and happiness, the animals he encounters symbolize Nick’s darkened soul. A soul which burned and became black in the war, alike the grasshoppers, which had become black from the fire that burned the forest. When Nick goes to sleep the night is quiet, but a mosquito enters his tent and sits on the canvas, over his head. Nick wanted to free his mind from anguishing thoughts, but it is difficult for a man to escape his memories. Memories of the war abide in Nick’s head, likewise the vexatious mosquito flying over his head. Unlike Harry, Nick is gradually getting rid of the weight on his shoulders. When Nick begins his quest for peace of mind, he notices the grasshoppers and he wonders how long they will stay black. Because he knows that nature will return them their lively color, as well as it will give back life to his
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