Theme Of Nature In Wuthering Heights

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Nature’s Unknown Existence The multiple meanings of nature describe the phenomenons of the physical world and inherent features of a specific being or object. Present in the novel Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Bronte, the nature aspect life depicts is uncovered in various types of ways. Brought to attention throughout the novel is the use of weather and seasonal change, as well as characterization and how one can discover a form of nature from the perspective of a certain character. Bronte expresses the form of nature through characterization, imagery, and setting to portray the overall theme that the explanation of behavior is found inside the bliss and mystery of nature. Bronte’s characterization in the novel depicts the attitude…show more content…
The society that Catherine grows up in is explained to be much more of the time in which women are not obtaining the same rights, life goals or procedures in living that the men of society are. Knowing this, the nature of Catherine’s upbringing is looked upon as an unfair advantage for her to be labeled as someone who only wants to be part of the upper class, or in today’s time known as a gold digger. The characters of Heathcliff and Catherine are pure examples of how the nature of a being can explain the way they behave and depict their decision making processes; leading to how the imagery shown in the novel can identify similar ideas. The use of imagery throughout the novel provides clear examples of how the beauty of nature is presenting an overall view of situations occurring. The character of Catherine is written to be one of the very entities that possess a very powerful source of poise and beauty throughout the noel. However, when being analized by Nelly in the dungeon of the Grange, where Catherine has made her new home after disputes with Edgar, Nelly states, “Mrs. Linton sat in a loose, white dress, with a light shawl over her shoulders, in the recess of the open window, as usual. Her thick, long hair had been partly removed at the beginning of her illness; and now she wore it simply combed in its natural tresses over her temples and neck. Her appearance was altered, as I had told Heathcliff, but when
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