Theme Of Pathos In Waiting For Superman

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Analyzing pathos, logos, and music in Waiting for Superman Over the last few years public school systems have been slowly decreasing in their effectiveness, causing there to be many students, especially those whose families are struggling financially, to be left behind; while others, who have the ability to enter charter schools, are receiving a better education and are succeeding. The documentary Waiting for Superman, directed by David Guggenheim, is focused on this disheartening truth about the American Education System. Through the use of rhetorical strategies such as pathos, logos, and music, it attracts the audience to the plot and leaves them with an unsettling feeling about schooling that will hopefully cause them to want to take…show more content…
That single line not only describes the failure people are facing and how something drastic is needed in order to fix it, but also displays that something as innocent as a child's belief in superman can cause such a large impact. It also makes the audience be able to relate to the character more on a personal level, because even if you never watched superman you know what it is like to look up to a fictional character in order to provide a feeling of hope and security. The film relies heavily on the audience’s emotional response to the pathos used throughout; however, it also uses music to help convey the tone and message. The music throughout the film plays a big role in the way it is perceived and the overall tone and message. The directors and producers used background noise and music very wisely in order to convey the emotions of a scene. In the movie, it reaches a certain point where it almost looks as though things are looking up for education. It is when the documentary starts describing the “new acting chancellor of the district of columbia schools”, during this scene the makers want you to really pay attention and become almost shocked by this turn of events. However, they do not only grab your attention by the words and clips shown, but also by the loud, upbeat music that is suddenly played while she is being announced. Also, later in the movie they use this same

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