Theme Of Prejudice In Pride And Prejudice

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A Gentle opposition Pride and Prejudice a ‘romance novel’ based on a backdrop of 18th century England, may not seem like an ideal choice for a feminist novel but when viewed from the perspective in which it was set, several observations can be made which makes a strong case for Jane Austen to be named as one of the first few empowered female authors of her time. The iconic line that begins the novel “A single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife”(Austen,Chapter 1) sets the tone with a rather shrewd and cynical definition of the marriage market where men owning large fortunes are prey for mothers with single daughters. The whole business of marriage is considered a hunt and chase and by putting the protagonist's mother as someone showing similar traits to the theme, the author tries to give an inside glimpse to the reader by showing conversations amongst family members which uphold the different viewpoints of the family. Mrs. Bennet herself is shown to be a cunning strategist in her endeavors to marry her daughters. She tries to send Mr. Bennet off to pay his respects to their new neighbors so that the gentlemen may return the favor and in the process meet her pretty marriageable daughters. When Jane is invited over to the Bingley estate, her mother
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