Theme Of Pride In The Great Gatsby

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Pride demonstrates the idea that one can find happiness within their own achievement, allowing them to build up their personal ego before building up their trust in others. The books examined this year all display characters who embody excess pride, that the pride either sets them apart in society or pushes them to start separating society by themself. With evidence from The Great Gatsby, The Crucible, and The Grapes of Wrath it can be proven that pride can lead to separation within a society. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby outlines this theme through the hollowness of the upper class. In the book there are two divisions of the upper class, the old money and the new money, those who inherited their money are the old money and…show more content…
Similarly to The Great Gatsby, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible also displays the effect growing pride has on the separation of a society. In this case the fear within the characters causes their pride. Abigail Williams creates mass hysteria throughout Salem in attempt to cover up her own tracks, she uses her pride to persuade the whole village and move them into conforming with her ideals. As she repeatedly accuses people of working with the devil, as she claims she saw them with the devil, she begins to move herself higher up on the social ranking, satisfying her greedy nature and excessive pride. This concept is used throughout the play to morph Salem into essentially how Abigail Williams pleases as she removes people from the village through execution. This allots the idea that she not only gains pride through the trials but also how she uses that to separate society into the people deemed good and the people deemed bad. This leads to further separation in the society as people begin to conform to this mass hysteria about the devil being in Salem. People conform to Abigail’s words as she essentially brings all of Salem under her control. The girls within the play create a bubble around Abigail as they follow her every move. This extra bumper not only raises Abigail’s pride but also extends the credibility of the group as they all
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