Theme Of Racism In The Great Gatsby

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Entry 1: Passage: On page 17, one of the main characters talks about a book he read about whites being a superior race. This is why the book “The Great Gatsby” is challenged for racism. Situation: Daisy, Ms. Baker, Tom, and Nick are all at dinner when Tom starts to talk about these “scientific” books he has been reading about the white race. He goes on to say that the book say that Whites are a superior race and they are to control all the other races or they will rise to control. Analysis: This passage is very racist and could offend all races especially minorities. This theme of racism continues frequently throughout the book of black people working in the hard dirty jobs while whites work in the city and wear nice suits. I think the author includes this part to help set the era in the 1920s when blacks are still looked down upon. Entry 2: Passage: Page 34-35 Tim and Nick are in the city when they decide to change their plans and get mindlessly drunk and have a sensual party. Situation: Tim and Nick are on their way into the city via train when they make a stop for the train to get more full, that's when Tim decides to jump off the train and run to a small drug store where his mistress lives. After a while they all go to an apartment and some other people come and they get mindlessly drunk and do some explicit things. Analysis: This could be challenged for the characters use of alcohol and drink irresponsibly and also then all the things that follow after.
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