Theme Of Responsibility In An Inspector Calls

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“An Inspector calls” is a renowned play constructed by J.B Priestley to enlighten us on responsibility. The controversy of this topic has been of debate for decades and arises as one of the most prominent conscience provoking plays of all time. It teaches us the values to be human, our duties and above all questions who we truly are in terms of societal standards. The tragic demise of Eva smith shows how easily responsibility can be diminished whether it is by the arousing factors of twisted love, temptations of endless wealth, human nature’s uncontrollable lust or a slight shift in loyalty to serve the greater benefit. The disparity caused by this unfair system has most to be blamed for the character’s exploitive tendencies. To sum it up, it is a play regarding the consequences of irresponsibility and the willingness to accept his or her crimes.

Firstly, one of the ways in which responsibility is portrayed is through how Mrs.Birling behaves with her family members. Mrs. Birling is more patronizing throughout Act
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Sheila is swayed to the Inspector’s side; she reluctantly falls for the inspector’s manipulation and becomes the Inspector’s driving force, hence aiding the inspector for a confession. This proves she can self reflect. These characteristics portray true responsibility as she is able to own up to her crimes as shown in the quote “I’ll never, never do it again to anybody”. The repeated use of “never” suggests that she really repents her sins and is ready to reap what she sew by “never” committing her mistake again. She admits to the horrible things she did, this proves she is not naïve and rather has a mind of her own unlike the stereotype of women in the Victorian era. The change of attitude in Sheila proved by the quote depicts the rise of independence of women in the society and a change in the Victorian ways -a reflection of
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