Theme Of Responsibility In The House On Mango Street

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At first, we examine Responsibility which is shown in both books such as “Bloodline” and “The House on Mango Street” in such a way all the problems revolve around it, that is to say the sense of responsibility is present in all the situations that the characters live in and it constitutes one of the most important challenge to overcome in the life as presented by the Sandra Cisneros and Gaines. Responsibility is also addressed as a way of facing the duties or sometime as an inevitable fate which some characters understand early they cannot do anything but adapt it to overcome and achieve their obligation. However according to this situation of responsibility it will be necessary to analyze some aspects about the responsibility attitude as presented…show more content…
Esperanza as a child takes the responsibility to fight for all the women who suffer from men discrimination, because in “Mango Street” mostly women are abandoned and the others dominated by their husband, Esperanza takes the responsibility to invite all the women to organize themselves in order to protect each other from men violence. Esperanza consider herself as the one who can liberate those women such as Minerva, a young woman who have already two children and abandoned by her husband, there is also Rafaela held indoors the house by her husband and she spends all her time in the windowsill to watch what is happen outside and many other women who undergo sufferings caused by their men, that is what characterized her commitment for the liberation of the women of her neighborhood. So as the girl, Esperanza carry the burden to deliver all women in “Mango Street” from all pains and she feels she is the right one who capable to let know her neighbors’…show more content…
That is to say Esperanza considers her sister as her first responsibility outside home. A s we can see the author of the book presents “Mango Street” as a district that one can compare to a jungle in which the influences are coming from everywhere that is the raison why Esperanza is obliged to take his sister like her friend just to look after her.
Sandra Cisneros demonstrates a challenge that is not obviously to overcome for a young child, in other words one can say that it is remarkable to undertake such responsibility by awaking the older women about their sufferings for an improvement and by keeping watch over her sister constitutes the most important task for her and this act demonstrates she does not neglect her family even she care about her neighbors welfare but. This double responsibility are important aspects for allowing to provide relevant evidences that depict the early responsibility throughout the protagonist Esperanza
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