Theme Of Sacrifice In The Great Gatsby

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Have you ever wondered how your past will affect your future? Jay Gatsby never expected to have his life be tossed and turned by Daisy Fay (later changed to Buchanan). Throughout the five years that Gatsby had in between the last time he had seen Daisy, the past he and Daisy had shared took a tole on how Gatsby ran his life. A common theme that is present in the book The Great Gatsby is Love and Sacrifice.
Love was a main focal point for Gatsby in this book, He shared a love with Daisy that was very strong, even after five years he still thought about her. Towards the end the of the book Gatsby and Daisy had been seeing each other for a while and they had talked and he wanted Daisy to tell Tom that she loves Gatsby, and that he had never loved
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Gatsby sacrificed so much for his love to Daisy. He put lots of money into the search for Daisy like said in the last paragraph his parties where he tried to find Daisy hoping she would show up to one of them, even though she never did. The biggest sacrifice that Gatsby gave up was time. He spent five years searching and wondering about Daisy. This is tied to the prompt because the past years he had spent with Daisy ruled and consumed the five without her, the past drived Gatsby in his love and made his sacrifices to not be for nothing but, for the love of Daisy. Gatsby wasn’t the only one to sacrifice things for the relationship, Daisy the other half had to sacrifice her relationship, her marriage to Tom for Gatsby. “She hesitated. He eyes fell on Jordan and me with a sort of appeal, as though she realized at last what she was doing- and as though she had never, all along, intended doing anything at all. But it was done now. It was too late.”(Fitzgerald 132). This quote is in some way her first recognition of what she is doing and how this is going to affect her and her future. It is another way how her past with Gatsby affected her future.
The story of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a beautiful tale all about the love and sacrifices of Daisy and Gatsby. The love that Gatsby had for Daisy withstood five years of separation between the two. But even in the years Gatsby made many sacrifices
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