Theme Of Sacrifice In The Kite Runner

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Sacrifice is a common theme brought to the forefront of many stories throughout history, stories both real and fictional. From beginning to ending, Khaled Hosseini perfectly establishes the theme of sacrifice in his novel The Kite Runner. Baba, the father of the protagonist, sacrificed much in his life purely out of the love in his heart. His love and sacrifice spread from his family, to strangers, and most importantly to his son Amir. Baba sacrificed his own soul in order to keep the people he loved safe. He committed the only sin that he believed in, “and that is theft” (17). He hid his affair and having a second son, not for his reputation’s sake, but to keep everyone around him safe. He stole Amir and Hassan of a true brotherhood, but…show more content…
While on a truck, he defended the women. Willing to take the bullet without hesitation, he put his life on the line for the stranger, for his passion had been stronger than his fear of death. Baba acted out of bravery due to his grand stature, level head, and big heart, “when all six-foot-five of him thundered into the room, attention shifted to him like sunflowers turning to the sun” (13). Baba was well respected in Afghanistan, and he knew that his voice would be heard; therefore, he used his power as a way to defend the defenseless. He was willing to sacrifice himself even though his son disagreed with the idea. Amir thought only of himself and that he would be left as an orphan if Baba was shot; whereas Baba wanted to help the woman as long as he was only risking his own life. His heart reached out for anyone needing an extra hand. He loved and cared for so many people, he wanted to help all of them. Baba put in hard work to help the people around him, and they all looked up to him due to “the marks he had left on people’s lives” (174). Baba’s willingness to sacrifice himself for strangers shaped his reputation in Afghanistan. The love Baba had for Amir guided him to sacrifice everything he had known and created throughout his life. Baba moved to America so Amir would benefit and live a successful life. Afghanistan posed as a threat to Amir due to the cultural changes, and Baba wanted to

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