Theme Of Sarah Cole A Type Of Love Story

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We live in a society that has increasingly stomped on love, depicting it as cruel, superficial and full of complications. Nowadays it is easy for people to claim that they are in love, even when their actions say otherwise, and it is just as easy to claim that they are not when they really are. Real love is difficult to find and keeping it alive is even harder, especially when one must overcome their own anxieties and uncertainties. This is the main theme present in Russell Banks’ short story “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story,” as well as in “The Fireman’s Wife,” written by Richard Bausch. These narratives, although similar in some aspects, are completely different types of love stories. “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story” is the tale of…show more content…
Between Jane and Martin there was love beneath the surface, a love that was rekindled by the unfortunate flames that Martin faced on that stormy night. However, Between Sarah and Ron there was only the hint of love, something that was widely obscured by the shame that Ron felt towards Sarah’s looks. Even if he had come to his senses about how he truly felt towards Sarah, he would have never been able to regain her confidence and she would have always been dependent on his good looks for her happiness, using him as a trophy of sorts. We assume, in the end, that Ron is incapable of openly and truly loving Sarah because of he was vain and he cared too much about what others thought of him. Thus, he could have never loved Sarah the way she needed to be loved, for she needed to be built up as a woman and Ron’s shame could’ve never allowed that. The story serves as a reminder of how important it is to consider your actions carefully and that “people often remain alone simply because they refuse to come to terms with their feelings and anxieties.” Ron was definitely vain, but he was also full of self-doubt and his own insecurities, which was the main reason he could not bring himself to commit to Sarah, regardless of her
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