Theme Of Self Image In 12 Angry Men

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Title Every single person on this earth is unique unto theirself. Think about it! Each individual has their own personality, agenda and history. Such are the characters portrayed in 12 Angry Men. The movie 12 Angry Men was the first of fourty-three films in the career of director Sidney Lument, who often sought controversial issues (RE). This movie focuses on a jury’s deliberation in a capital murder case, where a guilty verdict means an automatic death sentence. As the deliberations unfold the story quickly becomes a study of the juror’s complex personalities (imdb). Using rationalization, people can justify any action or inaction in an attempt to bring it into accord with their self-image (Roth 199). 12 Angry Men forces the characters…show more content…
Unlike the positive self-image that Mr. Davis displays, the majority of the jurors and audience continually question themselves as the deliberation progresses. Lument wants his audience to feel uncomfortable so he 1) makes the day hot 2) the jury room even hotter 3) The fan in the room not working. He accredits the “ lens plot” that was utilized in the juror room scenes to make the room seem smaller as the story continues (RE). This technique adds to the intensity of the situation, causing the sp0ectators to feelo claustrophobic and increasingly agitated. Then their self-examinations begin. Do they see themselves on teams, inquiring, whose side are you on anyway? Do they just want to be done, no matter the consequences, so they can go home or to a ball game? Do they want to be the executioner because of the anger they feel for another young man? Do they want the others to follow them unquestionably because they are important? Or perhaps, they want to piece together the evidence so they can account for what actually happened when the murder was committed. This movie moves the audience to feel obligated to ask themselves, as the jurors asked each other, just what kind of man are you? Juror #10 (Ed Begley Sr.) is a grouchy old cootie! He has a deceptive view of his self-image. He thinks of himself as being superior to the other jurors. After all, he is a business owner, has 3 garages and his time is
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