Theme Of Shashi Deshprete, By Shashi Deshpande

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herself from a traditional woman of adjustment to a courageous and optimistic woman of transformation from traditional to modern.
The novel is a beautiful blending of the old and the new thoughts, dream and reality and of traditional and modernistic value systems, and inspite of all those differences constitute the present day human life which is full of complexities and difficulties.
Shashi Deshpande attempts to present a different world of women with their struggle in the modern society. They are always in a dilemma whether to blindly adhere to the traditional patriarchal norms of society or completely not to think about their own identity not only as a woman but also as a human being. The real fact regarding the modern women is that they are very confused on their choice of love and marriage. Sometimes they fail to refuse their cultural background nor do they accept the modern values. There is a serious clash between traditional expectations and their modern desires. Through Jaya, Shashi Despande presented a wonderful solution, she shows right path to her to lead a peaceful life.
Like Rama Mehta, Shashi Deshpande yearn for a female space by challenging the age old order the countless bondage of tradition imposed on women by male dominated society. The writer seems to believe that society compel women to assume the status of the other by ignoring their real self. 2
The conflict between the tradition and modernity is dealt by the contemporary Indian English women

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