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Super frog saves Tokyo (8 elements) Hussein


The short story "Super frog saves Tokyo" takes place in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 1995. The reader is immediately familiar to the main setting from the title of the short story but doesn't know when it takes place till the last event in the story, where the year is told to us. In the short story the main setting is in Tokyo but there are up to four different settings for each event that takes place. The story starts of in Mr.Katagiri's apartment where frog and Mr. Katagiri are first introduced to each other. The author introduces the first setting to us and the main characters right from the first sentences "Katagiri found a giant frog waiting for him in his apartment." By doing this the author creates imagery in the readers mind and uses simple words and detail so that the reader gets a basic idea of the setting. As the first event unfolds in his apartment the author presents to us minor detail about the apartment, "set the grocery bag on the raised wooden floor." The second event takes place at the Tokyo Security Trust Bank where Frog and Mr. Katagiri talk about the plan
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I think this is the conflict because the earthquake in Tokyo is what brings the two characters together and is what brings the whole story together. Without the earthquake Mr. Katagiri and frog would have never met in my opinion because on the first page frog says the reason he is there and that's when the conflict is introduced. The relationship between the character and the conflict is character vs nature. In the story Katagiri clarifies with frog and say "that you and I have to go under ground together and fight worm to stop the earthquake." I think this is a perfect example of character vs nature conflict. This quote tells us the characters objectives, their problem, their goal and what they have to do to achieve this goal. The whole story revolves around this

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