Theme Of Symbolism In Sherlock Holmes

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In the film Sherlock Holmes, the viewer goes on a journey with Sherlock and his attempts to stop Lord Blackwood from getting away with his horrendous murders as “magic”. While on this journey many critical approaches are presented to the viewer. The film Sherlock Holmes, exhibits how the use of symbols and theme, further help analyze the film from a historical standpoint, as well as a historical setting, to give the viewer the best experience in understanding the film and being more engaged. This movie heavily depends on the exponential and historical aspects, as it helps the viewer in many ways to understand the film, which ultimately benefits the movie. Symbols are used throughout this film for different purposes and to convey different messages. The theme also plays a vital role in developing the atmosphere of the film for the intended audience. The symbol in this film that the viewer might not catch is the repetitive appearance of the raven. The raven appears at certain points in the film and that point being when Lord Blackwood is at a location and he is about to kill someone. The raven will appear outside that location of where Lord Blackwood is and just rest. Not causing any commotion, but simply to signify that someone is about to die. Throughout history, the raven symbolizes dark, terror, and even death. This is seen in particular of the timeframe this movie is based around, being in the mid 1900’s. For instance in a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, called “The Raven”,
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