Theme Of Symbolism In V For Vendetta

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Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta explores the theme of the power of symbols used for good and evil. A totalitarian government rules England and use their symbols to manipulate society into thinking they are safe. A vigilante named V use symbols to express his ideas. The novel shows how the oppression by one series of symbols is fought by the emancipation of an opposing set of symbols. Here words speak louder than actions. It is the friction between the two sets of symbols that sparks the rebellion against the oppression of the government.
The voice of fate is the government’s most powerful symbol. The voice of Fate makes the government seem powerful. “Listen to Lewis… isn’t he marvellous? If fate had a voice, it would sound like that. If only
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The authority fears V because they do not know what he is capable of. “For your protection.” (Moore, 9) The government watches everyone 24/7. The people do not have any freedom. They manipulate society by telling them they are protecting them by watching them. Society is blind to see the government’s true ideals. Norsefire instills fear so the people would not rebel. The government and V both conveyed that when fire is feared deeply, it could be destructive. Fire is not the only symbol that has a double meaning.
Just like fire, Sex and love also has a double meaning. “Or perhaps, I’m your father” (Moore, 96) The government took away Evey’s father and she accepted it. She turns to older men for father figures because she does not have a male model in her life. Later, the love escalates into sex. “Will you give me a kiss.” (Moore, 133) Evey’s psychological need for a father figure escalates after Gordon takes her in. Evey has something of an Electra Complex, which is a psychological term developed by Sigmund Freud that describes how girls develop a sexual attachment to their fathers. Sex is not only used to suppress psychological neediness, but to manipulate. “You’ve no idea how hard it’s been, maneuvering him into a position where he can take charge.” (Moore, 228) Helen Heyer uses sex to convince Harper to do her dirty work. She wants him to assassinate Mr. Creedy, so her husband would become leader. Evey used love and sex to control her
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