Theme Of The Book By Alex Rogo

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Theme of the book:
As the name of the book mentions “Goal: ongoing improvement” but it just does not explain the goal and ongoing process to improve the system but also talks about the theory of constraints. Constraints which we face in real life situation. The main character in the book is Alex Rogo who is the manager of manufacturing plant. His plant is one of the few plants which company operates. Alex’s plant was not making enough money to sustain on its own. Orders were getting delayed often and the throughput was reduced which was eventually taking plant towards the financial losses. Management was very upset with the performance of the plant. They would have to shut it down if plant kept loosing money in future. There was a pressure from the top management and 3-month dead line was given to the Alex to improve the plant performance. Alex had emotional ties to the plant as he was in the news for being person from the same town to be the manager of such a big manufacturing plant. In this scenario if the plant is closed down then Alex would have to find another job and may have to leave his hometown. He was also concerned about the future of people working in plant. Therefore, Alex was not ready to give up and use the three-month dead line to show improvements in the plant.
During this period, he met his college physics teacher (Jonah) on Chicago airport. He discussed about the efficiency of the robots with Jonah. Then he realized that they have added robots to the…
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