Theme Of The Book Holes

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Have you ever been accused of doing something you certainly didn’t do? Have you ever had that feeling that no matter how good you are and how hard you try to not mess up things just turn out? Have you ever felt as if you were accident prone or if it was just pure bad luck?Well that’s what Stanley Yelnats felt since that was what actually happened in the book Holes by Louis Sachar. There is a lot to this book, such as themes, characters, and quite a few different locations.The main theme of this story, Holes, is growing up because, in this book Stanley learns a lot; he has a lot of ambition, and he shows a ton of responsibility for his own actions, but also for others as well, whether it will get him into some trouble or not. Stanley learns…show more content…
The closer he gets the more excited he gets about finally knowing what is up there. He wants to explore it and wants to know how in the world his great-grandfather survived. He probably had quite a bit of questions such as was there water, was there food, or where there people living up there just like his great-grandfather had done for a…show more content…
He takes this trait and uses it. He shows it often because in the book he learns that not all his unlucky events are due to his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig- stealing-great-great-grandfather’s curse. Stanley shows responsibility for his own actions and at one point others actions. “So, tell me Caveman, said Mr.Sir. How did my sack of sunflower seeds get in your hole? I stole it from your trunk, Stanley answered.”
(Sachar, 56)
This quote was chosen because Stanley says that he took the seed but really he was just covering to make friends. Another example is when he tries to find Zero and attempts to steal Mr.Sir’s truck. In the moment he gets caught he realized that it was his fault that he got caught and not his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great- grandfather’s curse that had been set on the family. In conclusion this book represents the theme of growing up because the main character shows three of the characterististics of the theme I chose. These include learning, ambition, and responsibility. Stanley learns a ton while at Camp Green Lake. He also shows lots of ambition and displays many forms of responsibility. This book follows a great storyline, as well as one about how the camp used to be. The story also includes many characters with different personalities and could display way more than just one main
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