Theme Of The Death Of Tommy Grimes

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Essay about ”JUST LIKE THAT” and ”The This short story ”The Death of Tommy Grimes” is about a relationship, between a father and his son, who is twelve years old trying to become an individual, a man. The main character named Tommy remembers that he has been instructed by his father on his shooting skills. Together they have spent endless hours training. While Tommy is practicing and increasing his shooting ability, by that his father demonstrates, explains and teaches Tommy about how nature works. One evening, Tommy´s father and his friends go out hunting for some bucks, and Tommy asks if he can participate. With this, his father informs Tommy about the animals in nature who are dangerous and are better off death and the fact that they need to act properly in the forest. In the end, Tommy shoots a black man…show more content…
The narrator reveals the boy´s thoughts and feelings. The characters are described indirectly by the author, by what they are saying, (p. 4, l. 24-34). There is an open ending and it is unpredictable because you do not know if the boy would shoot the man. The effect of the ending on the reader is inquisitive because of the unpredictable ending. The use of the language of this short story “JUST LIKE THAT” written by Michael Richards is simple and belongs to the Australian dialect, (p.1 –p.4). The language is also imagery with the descriptions, you can imagine yourself in the wild with the grass prickling your ankles. The author creates mental images for the reader and the short story appeals imagery. It makes you visualize the author´s writings. The use of descriptive words forms sensory perceptions. (p. 1, l. 4-16). The themes of this short story “JUST LIKE THAT” are identity, development and transition from youth to adulthood. The text fundamentally deals with the subject “development and transition from youth to adulthood” and is the main idea of the short

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