Theme Of The Fault In Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars depicts the intertwining lives of two teenagers who suffer from cancer, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, or Gus. Love blossoms between the two teenagers and deepens as the story progresses, as seen through their touching relationship with each other. At first, Hazel and Gus were merely acquaintances. In the first chapter, where they meet, Hazel is only mildly interested in Augustus’ “metaphoric resonances”. When he puts a cigarette into his mouth, Hazel is thoroughly disgusted and she feels that “there is always a harmatia”, which shows that she is repulsed by his behaviour upon their first meeting. As the plot develops, they become much closer friends, as seen from Augustus regularly inviting her to his house and finding common interests in her book, talking about the book and often quoting from the book in their conversations, for instance: ‘Augustus nodded at…show more content…
Their relationship drives the plot forward because the story is about how they fall into love and support each other through hardships; it drives them to go see Mr Peter Van Houten together and to care for each other even as Augustus is dying. The story also explores the theme of dying as their relationship struggles to keep afloat with Gus suffering from terminal cancer, and Hazel has to deal with grief as she copes with her partner’s death. Most importantly, their relationship highlights the theme of love. Hazel and Gus are devoted to each other up till the very end of the story, as seen from… Their relationship illustrates the enduring and touching power of love. In conclusion, the novel “The Fault In Our Stars” depicts the deepening love between the two central characters, Hazel and Augustus. Their relationship develops through a variety of different obstacles and events, highlighting the themes of grief, loss, and most importantly,
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