Theme Of The Metaphor In The Kite Runner

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By using the metaphor of the doorways and the keys, Amir is able to better explain to the reader what words and literature means to him. Compared to his friend, Hassan, who obviously is illiterate, words have play a much larger role in his life. The first metaphor better explains how Hassan felt with not being able read. This excerpt displays both the themes of father bond relationship as well as the recurring theme of masculinity. It is shown that Amir’s father doesn’t appreciate how soft Amir is and believes he needs to toughen up. Comparing kites to war-which is perceived as strenuous, vigorous task- allows the sense of masculinity to resurge at this point in the novel. Also throughout the novel, Amir and his father are shown to have a strained relationship and this is something that allows them to bond in a way they never could. Hassan, throughout the story, is shown to be inferior to Amir in a lot of ways- one of these being innocence. Hassan always keeps a brave face even though he is always scared. In this scenario, he was more scared than ever- especially since Amir wasn’t metaphorically behind his back. The fact that Amir couldn’t help Hassan in any way hurt him more than Hassan. It is obvious that Amir feels guilty that he is not able to help his dear friends. The use of words from two different languages makes the story more authentic. Moments like this with Hassan have changed helped shape his life and are the reason he is who he is today. So, the fact
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